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Empowered - Crystal Infused Aroma Mood Therapy Oil

Empowered - Crystal Infused Aroma Mood Therapy Oil

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Crystal infused aroma mood therapy essential oil 10ml roller. Comes with a Tigers Eye tumblestone.

Healing Oil. Fragrance Oil. Pure-Fume. Solar Plexus Chakra Oil. 100% organic. 


Citrine and Tigers Eye crystals blended with Bergamot, Melissa, Ginger, Fennel & Lemongrass with foraged Gorse blossoms, connecting to the energy of Archangel Uriel, helps you reach into your core - working on reclaiming your power, assisting to summon the energy needed both physically & spiritually to become fully present on your life path. Used with Tigers Eye, it stimulates the Solar Plexus Chakra to reclaim your birthright of abundance, courage & happiness, allowing you to shine brightly & value your self-worth. Roll on wrists & apply between breastbone & naval. Inhale deeply this healing aroma. 


Roll on wrists and apply between breastbone and naval. Inhale deeply this healing aroma. Anoint before Yoga or Meditation to invite light, hope, joy & miracles.  This is a refreshing & motivating Fragrance Oil. Shake before use. Reapply as needed. Best for daytime use as these oils are stimulants.



I am taking back my control, trust, belief & faith in myself


Handmade in Ireland. 100% Organic, Natural and Vegan. 10ml rollerball. Energetically charged healing oil. Contains Coconut Oil,  Certified Therapeutic Grade doTerra Essential Oils. Evidence based essential oil therapy. Personalised blends available to order. 


Tags: #personalpowrer#self-worth#abundance#happiness#courage#AAUriel



    Each rollerball is handmade. Contains Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil, Organic Essential Oils Citrus bergamia, Melissa officinalis, Foeniculum vulgare, Gaultheria fragrantissima, Zingiber officinale, Cymbopogon flexuosos. 10% dilution. Shake Before Use.

    Safety information:  In case of eye contact wash with milk before cleansing with water. For adult use only. Possible skin sensitivity. If you have sensitive skin patch test 1 hour before use. As with all citrus oils. avoid exposed skin to sunlight & UV rays for 12 hours after application.

    Please take care of our planet! If you want to dispose of your crystal chips, remove roller cap and place them in a plant pot or bury in your garden . Much Love, Paula



    Although your items will be carefully wrapped, if there is any damage in transit I will replace it once you provide a photo of the damage on receipt of your order . Return policy available for damaged items only.



    FREE local delivery or Order and Collect. Ships within 2 working days by standard post. Postage of 2.90 Euro within Ireland. For Europe, Northern Ireland additional postage costs apply. Additonal charges apply for shipping Northern Ireland and Europe. UK customers please contact me for shipping costs.


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