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Goddess Brigid Ritual Oil "Awaken"

Goddess Brigid Ritual Oil "Awaken"

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Connemara serpentine, Carnelian and Opalite chips infused with Geranium, Jasmine, Neroli, Basil & Lime pure organic essential oils , with Oak Moss gifted by the ancient King Oak and Gorse blossoms from the Slieve Blooms. This melody carries all the rays of our Celtic triple Goddess, Brigid of Eire. Solar Goddess of fire, alchemy, creativity, home and hearth. Full size Connemara stone included.

Available in two sizes - see dropdown menu to order. Please specify pump spray or rollerball top in note, I will contact you to confirm details also !
Heart opening Geranium restores balance and equality, and used for centuries to protect home and hearth. Jasmine unifies the divine masculine and feminine, helping dispel darkness and replace the old with the new - allowing creativity to flow, weaving magic and mystery into your life. Neroli connects with the higher realms of the Goddesses and the Divine to receive inspiration and reveal truths. Lime ignites the heart of the loving warrior, stirring the waters of creativity to follow your desires and bring more love into the world. It cleanses, purifies and encourages decluttering your life on all levels. Basil encourages us to leave the past behind, invigorates the body, elevates the spirit and brings lightness and brightness into your moods, emotions and mind.


Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Chakras: Stellar, Crown, Heart, Solar, Sacral, Root. Connemara serpentine: Tuatha De Danann, Sidhe, Ancestral healing. Opalite: Divine connection.

Carnelian: Fire, Passion, Creativity.

Shake before use. Place a few drops on wrists & inhale.

Aromatically dress heart space, pulse points, soles of feet after bathing. 


Handmade in Ireland. 100% Organic, Natural and Vegan. 10ml rollerball or pump spray. Contains Coconut Oil, Therapeutic Grade doTerra and Lab Altho Essential Oils. Evidence based essential oil therapy.  


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    Each bottle is handmade. Contains Fractionated Coconut Oil, Organic Essential Oils. 10% dilution.

    Safety information: In case of eye contact wash with milk before cleansing with water. For external use only. Do not ingest. Possible skin sensitivity. If you have very sensitive skin, are pregnant or nursing patch test 1 hour before use. Discontinue use if any redness or itching. 

    Please take care of our planet! If you want to dispose of your crystal chips, remove roller cap & place them in a plant pot or bury in your garden . Much Love, Paula


    Although your items will be carefully wrapped, if there is any damage in transit I will replace it once you provide a photo of the damage on receipt of your order .  Return policy available for damaged items only.


    FREE local delivery or Order and Collect. Ships within 2 working days by standard post. Postage of 2.90 Euro within Ireland. For Europe, Northern Ireland additional postage costs apply. UK customers please contact me for shipping costs.

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