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Silent Night - Limited edition

Silent Night - Limited edition

Pure-Fume Fragrance Oil. 10 ml roller. Available gift boxed with Lava Bracelet - See Variants.


This natural fragrance oil contains a blend of doTerra organic essential oils of Lavender, Serenity, Vetiver & Roman Chamomile infused with clear quartz crystals in organic fractionated coconut oil.  This can be used as a normal fragrance by rolling on pulse points. It can bring about a sense of peace and calm to a busy life and assist in times that may cause anxiety and stress.  It can also be used after bathing as an aromatic dressing to help unwind and enhance a restful and peaceful sleep. It is excellent as a relaxing massage oil to roll on shoulders and on back of neck.


Handmade in Tullamore, Ireland.

100% Organic, Natural & Vegan. 10ml roller. Contains Coconut Oil, Therapeutic Grade doTerra Essential Oils. Shake Before Use. Suitable for sensitive skin.  In case of eye contact wash with milk before cleansing with water.




    FREE local delivery or Order and Collect. Ships within 1 working day by standard post. Postage of 2.90 Euro within Ireland. For Europe, Northern Ireland additional postage costs apply.

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