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The Sophia - Aroma Mood Therapy Fragrance Oil

The Sophia - Aroma Mood Therapy Fragrance Oil

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100% organic. Handmade. Crystal infused Aroma mood therapy Roller Ball comes with a large size raw piece of translucent & gemmy Rose Quartz. Emotional healing Oil. Fragrance Oil.


Druzy Angel Aura and Morganite Crystals infused with Damask Rose , Frankincense, Spikenard , Neroli and Green Mandarin organic essential oils. This melody carries all the rays of abundance and can bring this into your life too. Rose increases the magnetic energy of the heart, raising your vibration & brings the harmony to call in miracles from a space of pure love and gratitude for all—including yourself. Neroli opens our heart to allow love in. Frankincense reveals the divinity around you and within you, while Spikenard reveals the light within others. Green Mandarin nurtures the inner child and helps heal the heart.


This elixir carries the energy of the sacred healing Magdalena flame which encompasses the divine masculine and feminine energies of the rose pink Wisdom of the Sophia and the Passionate ruby red flame of the Christos energy, guiding us to see our destiny and purpose for ourselves and our contribution to the unfolding of the Divine Plan on Earth. It reactivates intuitive Wisdom of the heart, from past lives and in this lifetime and has the power to trigger internal healing through comfort, love and protection.


Roll on wrists and inhale this sacred aroma. Roll on heart space and pulse points, roll on Zeal chakra at back of neck. Apply to soles of feet for Yoga or Meditation. This is also a fragrance oil that can be worn throughout the day. Reapply as needed.


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    Handmade in Ireland. 100% Organic, Natural and Vegan. Contains Coconut Oil, Therapeutic Grade doTerra Essential Oils. Shake Before Use. In case of eye contact wash with milk before cleansing with water. 10% dilution. 10ml rollerball.


    Although your items will be carefully wrapped, if there is any damage in transit I will replace it once you provide a photo of the damage on receipt of your order . Return policy available for damaged items only.


    Free local delivery or Order and Collect.Ships within 2 working days by standard post. Postage of 4.60 Euro per parcel within Ireland. For Europe/UK additional postage costs apply.

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